As the Marketing Manager at DMG Investments, I played a key role in enhancing the online presence and visual appeal of corporate and property branding. Through strategic management of online listings and social media accounts, I ensured our properties stood out and attracted attention from potential clients and customers.

One of my primary responsibilities was overseeing the creative direction for nationwide student housing properties. I coordinated the design of print collateral, website layouts, and engaging email campaigns, all aimed at showcasing our properties in the best possible light.

In addition to my creative duties, I actively participated in industry events and conferences, including student housing conferences, where I networked and stayed ahead of industry trends and developments. I also traveled to development sites nationwide to monitor progress and attended groundbreakings for student housing developments, further solidifying relationships and fostering partnerships.

To maintain our competitive edge, I conducted extensive research to stay updated on the latest marketing and design trends. This allowed us to adapt quickly and effectively to changing market demands, ensuring that our marketing strategies remained relevant and impactful.

Furthermore, I took the initiative to build visual libraries of digital assets, streamlining our branding efforts and ensuring consistency across all marketing materials. Additionally, I contributed to the design of model apartments, which not only drove interest but also increased revenues while staying within budget constraints.
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